Oh how I wish I’d documented this moment in some way, shape, or form, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of whipping out my phone to blatantly record someone else’s awkward moment. It all started as your standard commute home. Waiting in line at the good old PABT, climbing onto the NJT bus to take me home. Next, all the seats disappeared. No big, usually a couple people stand, and then the bus leaves. Then a gentleman got on who was not from the area, I couldn’t place his accent, so I’ll go with the general “from Europe” location, let’s call him Mr. EU. He had purchased a ticket, however, he had managed to lose it between the kiosk downstairs and the bus upstairs. He tried to explain to the driver, by showing his receipt, but the driver replied that he couldn’t let him on without a ticket (duh).

Now here’s where i would of said, “ok, my B, I’ll get another”, and hopped off the bus. But Mr. EU was sure he could convince the driver to let him on. Not. Happening. At this point, everyone is a little annoyed. We all want to go home, and there are like, 6 buses behind us, so come on, you’re not gonna be that much later, and the ticket is like $2. But none of us were as annoyed as the guy standing next to my seat, let’s name him Mr. PO’d.

Did I mention I’m in the second row, so right in the middle of the lovely moment that’s about to happen?

Mr. PO’d has had enough, and decides it’s his responsibility to explain to Mr. EU that he needs to get off the bus. He does this by shouting at him “get off the f*ing bus a*hole!”, which, let me tell you, went over really well. Mr. EU told him to back off, that it wasn’t his business, and continued to haggle with the driver. Mr. PO’d now has decided he will assist him in getting off the bus. One push leads to a return push, leads to a huge shove by Mr. PO’d and the next thing you know, Mr. EU’s elbow slams into the windshield and…. it shatters.


Both men realize at this point it would be best to disappear, and hop off the bus. As Mr. PO’d gets off, he turns to us and says “I’m out of here. Have a good night folks”. His comment was not warmly welcomed by the rest of us.

Now at this point you’d be thinking “wow, that sucks Jade. You probably had to all get off the bus, cram back into the waiting area and get on the next one right?” Nope. The bus shuts its doors and pulls off to the side in the terminal to wait for someone to tell him what to do. So now we’re all stuck on a bus, except the two people who were in such a hurry to leave. Luckily, when someone finally came over, they decided that the big crack in the window was not enough to stop the bus from driving his route, and we were finally off.

All I can say is, after all that, it’s good thing that they both got off the bus, because I’m pretty sure the rest of us may have “helped” them off…. in the middle of the Lincoln Tunnel.


2 thoughts on “COMMUTER CHRONICLES: Tourist Tussle

  1. Ha! That’s New York, bless us. What’s a little crack in the windshield? I have to say, though, I’m sympathetic with Mr. EU. For all HE knows, there is no other bus!

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